Free Personal Counselling

Our team of trained and expert counsellors, provide help to identify the professional goals, enabling the student to take a wiser academic decision. These counselors give Personal Guidance to choose courses that perfectly fit your Career or Personal Goals. We also host direct interviews with the Russian University representatives and provide you with all-inclusive information on various study topics.

Documentation Assistance

Passport and Visa Assistance: We assist you completely while applying for the passport. We provide you with the admission letter that helps in acquiring the passport and Visa on the immediate basis.

Education Loan: We provide you with all the necessary documentations which provide assistance in getting the educational loans.

Legalisation of Documents: We help you with the attestations, translations, and all the other documentation procedures of the student which are required to complete the admission procedure.

Travel Assistance

We help you identify the right airline for excess baggage schemes. The department helps you in your entire course period in traveling. We also arrange travel for parents and relatives of the student when required.

Post Arrival Services

  • ✴ Accompanying our students from the Airport to the University
  • ✴ Accommodation facilities to our students till they are allotted hostel rooms
  • ✴ Aiding in the Allocation of the Hostel room to you.
  • ✴ Assistance with the Final Documentation in the University.
  • ✴ Complimentary 5-10 minutes call from the University to your parents, relatives, or guardians.
  • ✴ Local SIM Card from the University
  • ✴ Help you in getting Enrolment in Hostel Mess.
  • ✴ Facilitation in the Issuance of the Library Membership Card.
  • ✴ Easing up the procedures for the medical insurance and medical check-up in the university at the time of arrival.
  • ✴ Providing proper assistance in obtaining the Certificate of Equivalence from the Ministry of the Education of the destination country
  • ✴ Coordination with the University in Monitoring Students’ Academic Progress and Behaviour.
  • ✴ Delivery of the Suitable Information and Consultation in obtaining a Visa and smooth travel for parents and guardians
  • ✴ Support you in Visa Extension if and when required.
  • ✴ Care and step-ups to our students during their course of study.
  • ✴ Lend you a helping hand in getting Air Tickets during your entire course of study.
  • ✴ Ladder you up to enrol for MCI screening test coaching classes in the University.
  • ✴ 100% patronage provided at the time of emergency.